Russell Brand got arrested too!

Russell Brand

Sure, it might make absolutely no sense for George Clooney to be in prison, since he didn’t actually do a damn thing, but at least the knowledge that Russell Brand was sent to jail yesterday actually makes sense and balances out reality so that it sounds like there’s some sort of logical thread to — oh, wait, he got out after only a couple hours by posting bail, so no one learned anyone. We’re back to chaos. Via TMZ:

Russell Brand has been arrested for allegedly grabbing a photog’s cell phone and firing it through the window of a New Orleans law firm … TMZ has learned. Russell turned himself in to New Orleans police within the last hour and is currently in police custody.

So a rich person had a temper tantrum, destroyed personal property, then basically threw a couple bucks into a bucket and got off scot-free. Anyone else feel like no one learned anything from all of this? I mean, other than the lesson that spending money is equivalent to basic human growth. That lesson we all learned.

Russell Brand

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