Michael Lohan hates you *thiiiiiiiiiis* much!

Remember when Michael Lohan said he would never make another press statement ever again? Well, fuck that. Michael sat down with Playboy Morning Show (they have their own morning radio talk show? But how are we supposed to see the bresteses?) to talk about how Lindsay Lohan was conceived. Oh, barf.

“When Dina and I were in Switzerland,” he told the host on the talk show is where he thinks Lindsay was conceived. […] “I don’t even want to go there. .. there are so many positions…actually probably on my hands and knees,” he admitted. […] “It was the first time I ever smoked pot in my entire life,” Michael said. […] “You’re stuck in a chalet for three days so you’re going to have a lot of sex.” SOURCE

Ladies and gentlemen, that was the best father ever explaining to the world that his daughter was created during a three day drug binge in Switzerland. If you’ll excuse me, I have to go find my eyeballs now; they jumped out of my head and ran away screaming right around the part where Michael talked about doing it doggie style with Dina.

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