Mila Kunis to Billy Bush: STFU and GTFO!

Mila Kunis and Billy Bush

Remember how Mila Kunis said she would attend the Marine Corps. Ball a little while ago because she’s super awesome like that? Well, a little while after that, Access Hollywood host Billy Bush claimed that she ended up canceling on the ball, except in a hilarious twist, it turns out that was kinda totally bullshit.

But Access Hollywood anchor Billy Bush announced on July 13th, that the date was off. This, Kunis confirmed, was false. At a Friends With Benefits press conference, the actress ‘happily’ took a minute to clear up any confusion, stating, “Do not believe what Billy Bush says. Never did I say that I was not going; he made it up.” SOURCE

OH SNAP, NO SHE DID’NT! This what I love about Mila: She’s kinda totally brutally honest. If this were anyone else, they’d either avoid the topic completely or just say it was all a misunderstanding. But Mila’s just like “Yeah, fuck that guy, he lied.” Awesome. Suck it, Billy Bush. Shit, the little stunt you pulled is like the reason why people look at me funny when I tell them I’m a gossip blogger.

Mila Kunis and Billy Bush

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