Miley Cyrus got naked … again

Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus

Back when I first started blogging, the idea of sweet little Miley Cyrus naked would have earned us so many page views that I could wallpaper my crappy little Montreal apartment in crisp $100 bills. AMERICAN bills even! Oh, what a glorious time that was. Well, now Miley gets naked literally every other day to exorcise the spirit of Hannah Montana from her body, so here you go. Here’s more naked Miley on the potential cover of the deluxe edition of her upcoming album Bangerz (due out on October 8th), now with a tacked on voting feature because sure, why not? Via HuffPo

Due out on October 8, Bangerz originally featured a photo of the singer in a black jacket, set on an ’80s inspired background. The new album artwork that recently made its way online includes a topless shot of the former Disney Channel star, posing with her arm covering her breasts. Other shots show Cyrus more covered up, rocking the jacket again in one photo, and a crop top and checkered pants in another. Fans will reportedly be able to vote for their favorite cover to become Cyrus’ official artwork for the deluxe edition of the album.

I don’t want to come across as being a slut-shamer because let’s face it, I’m as much of a slut as anyone else, but Miley honey: Let’s not burn the candle at both ends here. You have a good body and you can put as many or as little clothes on it as you want, but you’re not just reaching the point of diminishing returns here. You’ve spotted the point of diminishing returns, and then decided to just ride off into the sunset past it. You’re making the rest of sluts look bad is what I’m saying. With great sexual power comes great sexual responsibility.

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