More ‘Man of Steel’ and a ‘Justice League’ movie?

Man of Steel

Man of Steel

The Man of Steel isn’t even in theatres yet, but so far the reviews have been pretty good, if not great, which probably means it’ll do well with audiences and rake in a decent amount at the box office. Based on early figures, Man Of Steel has already been given a sequel, and according to Uproxx, is already setting the stage for the inevitable Justice League movie you know was going to come eventually.

In the most obvious news of the day, Warner is officially fast-tracking a sequel to Man Of Steel. Director Zack Snyder and screenwriter David Goyer are already signed for a sequel. Deadline says Goyer’s original deal with Warner is to write two Man Of Steel films and a Justice League script which includes Superman. That was news to us. Last we heard, Will Beall (Gangster Squad) wrote a Justice League script which the studio threw out.

Finding out Goyer is already on a replacement Justice League script and Warner’s already greenlit a Man Of Steel sequel bodes very well for Justice League‘s chances. We already knew they’d commit to making Justice League if Man Of Steel did well, and Zack Snyder has already agreed to direct it.

First off, let me just get this out of the way: Hairy Superman > Hairless Superman. Hell, how does Superman even shave his chest? Or get haircuts for that matter? Superman needs a little fuzz on his peaches is what I’m saying. That being said, they might as well fast-track the Justice League movie quickly, because we’re getting to the point where the market for superhero movies is getting a touch oversaturated. Seriously, there are just a few too many clamoring for our attention.

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