Kanye West is also an absolute delight to be around!

Kanye West

Kanye West

Because apparently, he and Justin Bieber are competing to be the most obnoxiously grumpy celebrity around, Kanye West was asked by a paparazzi “what’s good, Kanye?” to which Kanye responded by telling him never to speak to him again. So yeah, he handled that really well. TMZ reports …

Yesus was walking around NYC with his posse, when a photog — not one of ours — politely asked (from a safe distance) … “What’s good, Kanye?” Kanye’s response — “DON’T ASK ME QUESTIONS, MAN!” The pap said goodbye to KW … but then he made a fatal mistake — he wished Kanye a happy belated birthday!!! Kanye’s response — SHUT UP! DON’T EVER TALK!

Here’s the part I don’t understand: Kanye will walk around going “Oh leave me alone! I want my privacy!” And then he’ll go and name his album Yeezus and knock up Kim Kardashian. Honey, don’t pretend like you’re so shy and reserved when you’re out there stunt-queening it up. If you want people to leave you alone, don’t go out and throw tantrums like some attention-starved toddler.

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