more bill clinton affair rumors!

good evening – while i’m watching the laker game – i’ve got a fresh bit of gossip for you all courtesy of national enquirer which is featuring former president bill clinton front & center with more of his supposed infidelity & cheating ways and the mistress (not actress gina gershon – apparently she’s a rich divorcee and is pictured & named inside…) he’s been able to keep while hillary clinton was busy working her ass off on her campaign to secure the democratic presidential nominee (which as you all know sadly she lost out to barack obama (featured here & here on previous enquirer covers) which irks me oh so slightly – if he picks hillary as his running mate – i’ll be totally back on board) i love the pictures used on the cover – bill has that guilty goofy look – while mrs. clinton has her ‘i’m not taking any of bill’s shit’ face on! in other gossip news – don’t be surprised if mary-kate olsen checks into rehab soon…janet jackson (i secured tickets to her show this morning – woo hoo!) could be having a secret wedding with her man troll jermaine dupri…and lisa marie presley is having twin girls and then will leave hollywood forever (yet she was never really a fixture on the scene – yet i wish she would work on making more music – she’s actually really talented – it must be those presley genes) popbytes over & out for now…xxoo

PS bill’s apparent ex-mistress (she broke up with him) has been revealed as 48 year old julie tauber mcmaho – you can read more about her over on the magazine’s website

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