pussycat dolls – when i grow up – video!

woo hoo – it’s friday evening and just a little while ago the brand new pussycat dolls video hit the web for their new single when i grow up which lately has totally become one of my top guilty pleasure songs – especially when i’m driving – it’s a great track to blast and sing along to! (even if other drivers think you’ve lost your mind…) and although fallen pop princess britney spears shot a cameo appearance for the video – her bits were left on the cutting room floor…which is probably for the best – she needs to do her own videos! this summer the gals will release their new album – even though people might put down PCD – you have to admit they’re really fun – total pop fluff – in the words of ‘covergirl’ – easy, breezy, beautiful! right now i’m piecing together my new turntable – which didn’t come with a needle so i had to run out to grab that – i will play my vinyl tonight even if it kills me! popbytes over & out for tonight…xxoo

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