my fave albums o’ 2005

hey everybody! so yes i did wait to until the very last minute to sum up my
favorite albums from 2005 – and that is exactly what they are – favorites
maybe not the best reviewed or critically lauded – just the ones
that got stuck on my ipod & cd player for a long time! they kinda are in order but
it’s always so hard to narrow it all down and then order them up – i hope
that 2006 brings us some great releases from my fave peeps – and i
always love a good new artist – so bring it on! here we go…

Apple – Extraordinary Machine

after all the hemming & hawing was over from SONY and they did indeed
release this album – i think we all realized that this is the best
album of 2005 – i was pulling for its release since the bootleg version
leaked to the net – in ’98 her album ‘when the pawn…’ was my top pick
and 7 yrs later ms. apple again amazed me…i just hope we don’t have to wait 7 more years for her 4th album!

Gorillaz – Demon Days
oh i just love these
guys – their tunes & design is top notch – the whole style – look & feel just
makes me adore them – and i think my favorite song all year long was
their hot single feel good inc – which was recently nominated for
a grammy – this wacky band is just so darned lovable they had to nail
the #2 spot!

Madonna – Confessions on a Dancefloor
oh the
bitch came back big & strong this year – i actually still love her last
album american life which was so poorly timed & promoted but this
time warber bros got it right – and madge has her biggest success in
years and rightly so – the album is fucking amazing – i am still stuck
on tracks jump & how high

Amos – The Beekeeper

my lady does it time & time again –
this album just did me in – i always say tori is the smartest woman in
music today and this album surely proves that ms. amos knows what she
is doing – a super solid album that just flows from start to end – i so
can’t wait to see where she takes us next!

Garbage – Bleed like Me
ok i am super hot
for lead singer shirley manson – i don’t know what it is about
her but i find her so stunningly sexy & just plain awesome – this album
just rocks – especially the title track – i still say they are one of
the most underrated bands out there…long live garbage!

Mary J
Blige – The Breakthrough

a late unexpected entry into the
race (it was just released dec 20th) but mary j came back with such a
strong release after her very disappointing last effort – which was
produced with p diddy – this time mary learned her lessons well and ditched p. diddy
as a producer – thank heavens – we so love this gal!

Shakira – Fijacion Oral Vol 1
ok i must
admit that i had a major love affair with this all spanish album – and
it was quite awesome to see a spanish track hit the charts & radio the way the
shimmy yr ass ’til the break of dawn la tortura did – i still
listen to it today! i expect this lady to be around for quite some time!

Morcheeba – The Antidote
even with a new
lead singer this time around – this UK band just nailed it on the head
with this album – so smooth – it just grooves – super chill out music – i
was obssessed with this album – especially the closing track god
bless & goodbye
– if you haven’t heard his album – run quick and do
go find ‘the antidote’ – it will make all your worries melt

Beck – Guero
oh i love that mr. beck and he
always takes us on such interesting musical journeys – but i still
wonder why on earth he would subscribe to the whole scientology thing –
it’s just all so odd to me – but all that aside – beck still remains one
of the most original artists out there today – and his cute boyish
quality goes a long way in my book – xenu or no xenu!

Blunt – Back to Bedlam

oh the sexiest man on this list – he
is so damn sweet i just want to adopt him plus his heartfelt debut album is a
stunner – i expect to see much more of james in 2006 – he is my number
one pick to keep your eyes on – and i could keep my eyes on him all day

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