valerie cherish…my fave person o’ 2005!

gosh it’s been a year of ups & oh so many downs but all that motion aside i swear hands down my favorite person of 2005 is valerie cherishyes i know she is a fictional character that only lived on HBO for 13 short episodes – yet she left an impact that i know many of you still feel today – god bless lisa kudrow with her god given comedic talent combined with this original series – i could watch each and every episode again & again (it will be released on DVD – thank heavens – hopefully with extras galore…)

‘the comeback’ was all so damn smart & witty and in the end just too good for anyone at HBO to notice – i have never been stirred like i was when valerie got cancelled – i even bought the domain name which now hosts all the posts i did for this show – petitions to save the show were plentiful but alas it all has come to and end – it’s all so damn sad but last but not least we must thank show mastermind michael patrick king who put himself out there with this show after his huge success with our beloved sex & the city – i wanna see what this boy is going to do next!

here is something extra i have had for a while…but wasn’t sure if it was the real deal yet in the spirit of all things hopeful – i like to believe it is indeed true – a huge fan of the show & popbytes claims to have connections with ms. kudrow herself – and for the most part i completely believe him based on all of our emails…i am usually a skeptic but after much review i think it is all the real deal…he sent me this thank you note below – direct from lisa…so thanks to my virtual friend j for making this possible! and if yr reading this lisa – happy new year to you – i so wanna see what you are gonna do next!

Hello MK –

I want to thank you for a few things.

Thanks for broadcasting your appreciation of ‘The Comeback’ and inviting discussion about it. Your petition to get it reconsidered for more episodes was overwhelming. Thank you. You and all of the Popbytes participants showed us so much appreciation for all the layers that were carefully placed – mostly by Michael Patrick King and his genius. On behalf of all of us involved, I want to let you know that your appreciation made this whole endeavor very fulfilling. Thank you.


Lisa Kudrow

and finally find a re-post below of all the valerie cherish sound clips i was able to obtain (mainly from my friend brian from las vegas – he really rocked the clips! thanks bringa!) so please do enjoy and gosh maybe someday – somewhere – sometime there will be a place where we can all see our dear valerie cherish back in action (gosh she should do an off-broadway show – like a valerie does stand-up show – seriously – how hot would that fucking be?!?) – we so miss you girl! popbytes over & out! xxoo

PS and yes i have a small crush on dan bucatinsky who played valerie’s agent billy – what a cutie!

valerie cherish soundbytes (.mp3’s)

» i dont wanna see that

» this is my comeback

» i need to know i am being heard

» give her another take!

» concerned about…

» i like that!

» the one that flies

» you clean up nice

» hello hello hello

» where is the love?

» i heard

» without mickey

» people live valerie

» in da house

» valerie gives presents

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