my life on the crazy train sucks (so what?)

From the minute the new Kelly Clarkson single dropped, I’ve been waiting for someone to make a fantastic mashup with it. And my prayers have been answered, bigtime! It comes from two guys (Dan Mei & Mark Johnce) who do some great solo bootlegging, but now they’ve joined forces to become D.M.F. aka the Danish-German Mashup Force – which
means that’s two fab tracks in a row from Deutschland! Here they make Ozzy Osbourne‘s psycho “Crazy Train” ride the rails with Pink and a little bit of Daft Punk atop the jump-in-the-air music from Miss Clarkson. Her vocals are here too – along with a final comment from everybody’s favorite, saucy cartoon baby. Your life will suck without this mashup! Catch the CJR video of it here!

Listen to My Life Sucks On The Crazy Train (So What?) [.mp3 6.5mb]

Enjoy – DJ Paul V.

Bootie LA | Dragstrip 66 | Neon Noise | The Smash Mix

PS to my LA peeps: I’ll be DJing this Saturday night for Dragstrip 66 at The Echoplex. Our theme is Feathers & Leather – so don a feather boa & your toughest leather! Plus, LA’s own glamtastic Sounds Of Asteroth band is performing! Come on down – it’s going to be a blast!