new york goes to work: flying & milking

good evening! today i had to fulfill my civic duty – which meant answering the jury duty call – thankfully i only had to do one day of service! i almost got put on a case but i was dismissed because the case involved an accident at my favorite ralphs grocery store (on labrea & third) once they heard i shopped there all the time – the plaintiff’s attorney let me go – phew! even though i was bored most of the time – it was actually more interesting than i thought it would be (it certainly wasn’t glenn close in damages but i did learn a few things about our legal system) anyways – we all know new york‘s (aka tiffany pollard) attempt at an acting career didn’t exactly pan out so she’s back to the reality TV circuit doing what she does best with a brand new show premiering may 4th on VH1 called new york goes to work! each week ms. pollard will be tackling a different job plus viewers get the chance to vote on which jobs she should try her hand at! i love her overly dramatic & crazy ways yet i don’t think i’d want her to be my stewardess in the friendly skies – and i bet that cow doesn’t want ms. pollard tugging at her udders! (both activities are pictured below) i can’t wait to see what other crazy adventures she takes us on – it’s bound to be a total riot! popbytes over & out for tonight … xoxo

PS i hope her mom sister patterson shows up – she’s always out of control!


Tiffany “New York” Pollard, resident reality queen, is back on VH1 in a new series, “New York Goes to Work.” Each week, Tiffany will gear up to tackle America’s work force while you choose from a list of three possible job opportunities for her to try. Based on weekly viewer voting, “New York” will try a new job each week, with the possibility of cashing out $10,000 if she excels. Will she be a Cal Trans sewer worker, a mortuary beautician, or a fast food employee? It will be up to you!


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