my .mp3 drama update!

oh my word – i have been in ‘on’ mode since i got slammed with a letter from the UK and all its legal/ copyright jargon – i have removed the .mp3 files in question (some are lame ones if you ask me…) but anyways my image/file hosting is still not on! i have been working it since last night – moving lots of images…changing entries…so everything is fairly back to normal – you might find some downloads not working but for the most part all is just fine – i am so glad i have split my web hosting into various sections – so i have averted any major dramas! phew!

but all this is making me really pissy – i mean each of the .mp3’s in question were accompanied by reviews – mainly glowing ones at that (except that shit song from westlife featuring down & out diva diana ross) – i always had it in the back of my mind that i could see some trouble in the future – yet since i was reviewing & promoting – i thought people like matthew sweet would be happy to be blogged about…especially since some the tracks they asked me to remove were over 14 yrs old – it just bums me out since now i feel restricted and have to be more careful – i just really like to bring you the best of the best and if i love a new album or a song…i want to be able to share it with you – oh i can talk all night long about how great an album is but the proof lies in the motherfucking pudding – yeah i’m livid – i admit it but i shall carry on and figure out some ways around this all – first up is contacting some of the record labels…i am not even sure if some of these artists know what is going on…i think some would be thrilled to get their blog groove on! ok i am out for now – just another day in the blog neighborhood – much love to all as always! popbytes over & out – xxoo!

PS i so can’t wait to watch the grammys tomorrow night!!! woo hoo!

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