STAR breaks heather locklear news!

hey kids! so STAR is all over the whole heather locklear and richie sambora divorce – all the nasty details are flooding out about the ‘other woman’ who forced locklear to up and file for divorce after 11 years…

here is what STAR knows about this ‘lady’…

stephanie heaton – age 39 (pictured left)

• lives in west hollywood ( a fancy condo)

• she has known sambora since 1997

• got credits as asst and ‘clapping’ on sambora’s solo album from 98

was their personal assistant until locklear wanted her fired last year…

apparently locklear intercepted an email from heaton to richie – which included some steamy shots of heaton – and the message said ‘hi – hope you like these…’ – well it sounds like it was all downhill after that – luckily both parties signed prenup agreements – so the divorce could move quicker than another couple in divorce mode…also ms. locklear can do much better than sambora – i think he is pretty gross looking – anyways you can read more here – popbytes out for now – xxoo!

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