nat’l we love you whitney day!


hey kids – i just got back from the beach near san diego – the water was so warm and i totally got my relax on which i so needed and yes…i did think of whitney today! plus i just had a ms. houston coincidence…i headed over to ralphs on sunset to pick up some groceries…the song playing as i walked in the door was whitney’s i’m your baby tonight! i was like oh my gosh…even ralphs loves whitney today! even though i was a little tired from all the sun & surf – the tune perked me up giving my shopping an extra dollop of sass! i just wanted to run up to everyone and tell them about ‘we love you whitney day’ just to see the reaction…people would be like what…? i should have asked the manager to make a store-wide announcment – ‘attention shoppers – today is…’ of course i didn’t harass anyone but i always enjoy thinking of crazy ‘what if’ scenarios!

many special thanks to fellow bloggers over at young, black & fabulous and juicy news who also got in on the whitney love today…and this just in juicy news posted about a report that whitney is in nashville hanging out with buddy cece winans and is still going to church – one step at a time girl you can do it – we are all pulling for you! popbytes over & out for now…xxoo!


it’s not only the first day of july but it is also national we love you whitney day – so whatever you do today please make sure to send out some good thoughts & vibes to our dear troubled diva…we do love you whitney – now get your act together girl! popbytes over & out…xxoo!

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