platinum weird rocks!

hey boys & girls! i’m sure you must have heard the name platinum weird over the past few weeks…it’s actually a really interesting & cool new band coming out formed by eurythmics guitarist dave stewart and singer/songwriter kara dioguardi – to create some buzz the band has created this cool backstory & mockumentary which airs on VH1 on july 5th about dave and singer erin grace who supposedly disappeared in 1974 after recording a few tracks with mr. stewart…

i have copied the ‘untold’ story down below – i must admit that when i first started reading about this i thought it was real but as i did more digging the truth was uncovered! originally they were writing music for the pussycat dolls and the two liked the music so much they decided to release it as an album for themselves hence this whole platinum thing – i have been listening to their self-titled album which hits stores on august 22nd and i have totally fallen for this song crying at the disco which you can a listen to below – and check out a clip from the mockumentary which involves a couple of famous people you may know…it’s all a drop confusing but for sure keep your ears peeled for platinum weird…popbytes over & out for now…xxoo!

» listen to platinum weird’s crying at the disco (.mp3 5.9mb)

In 1974, Dave Stewart formed a band called Platinum Weird in North London with his female songwriting partner, muse and soul mate, Erin Grace. The pair originally met a few months earlier and formed a creative and spiritual bond. Their debut gig was at Mick Jagger’s birthday party where they quickly enjoyed a cult-like status performing at intimate gigs in London’s rock club circuit. Elton John’s Rocket label signed the band, putting down an advance to send them into studio and lay down tracks.

Erin’s behavior during the making of the album was unpredictable and eccentric. Prone to mood swings and emotional insecurity, she would often disappear for days, and then reappear as if nothing was unusual with a smile and couple of new songs. Perhaps because of her unconventional persona, men desired her and women emulated her. ‘She was wispy and elusive,’ Fleetwood Mac’s Stevie Nicks, once said. ‘I wasn’t quite sure what she was about, but I kind of copied her look.’

With art work finalized and a release date penciled in, Erin vanished again, leaving Dave nothing but a demo of a song called ‘Will You Be Around’ and a closet of metal hangers where she used to keep her clothes. As suddenly as she had appeared in Dave’s life, she was gone. ‘In a strange way,’ reflects Mick Jagger, ‘I think Dave was the least surprised by what happened. Knowing her nature, I think he found it kind of appropriate.’

The highly anticipated eponymous album of Platinum Weird was never released and its name disappeared from public consciousness as quickly as the elusive songstress herself. Dave went into a deep depression, a period he later referred to as his ‘lost years.’

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