Neil Patrick Harris and Drew Carey got tackled!

Neil Patrick Harris and Drew Carey

[Note: All right guys, this is just a quick note to let you know it might be a bit of a light posting week from now until next Thursday. Long story short, I’ve been writing/producing/acting on a show for Canadian channel HardTV called… well, hardtv. We phoned it in on the name to be honest with you. Anyway, it’s been picked up and we’re shooting the pilot in L.A. this week. I’ll do my best to keep things up to date but if you notice things are slow, no worries: I’m just busy. Also, this finally gives me a chance to meet MK in person. Yee! Anyway, onto the gossip.]

The Price is Right continued its celebrity week by having the always adorable and multi-talented Neil Patrick Harris on the show, unfortunately around the same time a woman that will henceforth be known as “this bitch” appeared on the show. Wouldn’t you know it, this bitch has the exact same response to being on a game show that my dog has to seeing random people’s legs, and immediately tried to tackle them both to the floor and … you know what, you really have to see for yourself. Via the Huffington Post:

Contestants can get a little crazy when they hear the words “Come on down!” on “The Price is Right” (weekdays on CBS). On Wednesday, when Destiny Ramsey came closest to guessing the correct price of a Nikon digital camera, she took the standard excitement to an entirely new level. After Drew Carey called her up to the stage, she ran up (shoeless) and threw herself around him, knocking the host back against the wall. After a high-five and a tight squeeze, Drew declared her, “The future Mrs. Carey,” to which she responded, “That’s a binding contract, Drew Carey!”

But her attention quickly turned to Neil Patrick Harris, who was guest-hosting for Celebrity Charity week, raising funds for the Noreen Fraser Foundation. After watching the enthusiastic greeting Carey received, Harris hesitantly extended his hand, which Destiny used to pull him in and pin him to the ground, flailing her legs on top of him as he jokingly played along.

Yes, this bitch basically dry-humped a game show host and a homo on live TV. I think the entire Earth just swayed a little bit as millions of people shook their head disapprovingly while muttering “this bitch”. It should be noted that if this bitch had Snoop Dogg‘s help, she probably would have actually won her showcase. Yeah, turns out Snoop is way better than NPH at game shows. Who knew?

Neil Patrick Harris and Drew Carey

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