Nick vs. Jessica: IT IS SO ON!

Alright, so by now you heard that Nick Lachey got engaged to Vanessa Minnillo (who?), and that Jessica Simpson retaliated by having her boyfriend Eric Johnson (no, seriously, who are these people?) propose to her. Well now Nick is saying that she wishes Jessica the best, which means that it is SO FUCKING ON RIGHT NOW IT IS INSANE.

Nick Lachey wishes nothing but the best for ex Jessica Simpson, who got engaged to Eric Johnson a week after Lachey, 37, popped the question to Vanessa Minnillo. “I will say the same thing I always say: I wish her the very best,” he told Monday during a conference call for his NBC singing show The Sing-Off. SOURCE

BOOM! POW! RIGHT IN THE KISSER! Did you hear that? He just wished her ‘the best’! He might as well just say that he hopes she gets run over by a truck. Man, I can’t wait for their epic confrontation because clearly this isn’t just some contrived fake feud cooked up by desperate tabloids trying to make a story about a couple of has-beens who haven’t really done anything since divorcing five years ago. And they wonder why print media is dying.

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