Jennifer Aniston: Homewrecker?!

Now that Courtney Cox has dumped David Arquette, and the David is taking the fast lane Batshit-Crazy Town, U.S.A., David has decided to come clean about what really broke up their marriage. No, it wasn’t the fact that David repeatedly banged a 28-year-old waitress and talked about his wife’s private life in public. It was Jennifer Aniston! Wait, what?

At the screening of new movie The Legend of Hallow Dega last week, a source said: ‘David quipped, “The film was shot in Courteney’s home state of Alabama. Actually, while I was there I came across a town called Anniston … I should have known that was an omen”. According to a mole in Jennifer’s management, Dave called Brad Pitt’s ex the night before Halloween, and raged that she was to blame for the break-up of his marriage. It’s being reported Jennifer and Courteney are in the process of buying a holiday home together in the Mexican resort of Cabo San Lucas. SOURCE

Yes, never mind the fact that you stuck your penis in something that wasn’t your wife or your right hand; no, clearly her co-star from a show that ended six years ago is to blame for this, because … Well, I’m not really sure why this makes sense. Maybe because the last thing people remember David Arquette starring in was Scream 3. Either that or Ready To Rumble. Point is, clearly David needs some serious attention here … just look at the dumb ass clown suit he wore to a Lakers game last night!

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