nicole richie’s baby – more drama?!?

good morning! below is the latest STAR cover – which is still crying trouble for nicole richie & joel madden‘s unborn baby – both star & national enquirer have been claiming there are serious issues with her pregnancy for months – i really hope everything turns out ok – i’d hate to see anybody have a problem with their child – not good times! as with all pregnancies – time will soon reveal everything…in other stories there could be trouble between justin timberlake & jessica biel – which i’d totally love – he can do way better (like dating me) i’m not a huge fan of hers at all! then there’s an inside look at brad pitt & angelina jolie‘s home – my only question is which one?!? finally of course we knew that lindsay lohan might be sober (for now anyways…) but she didn’t go to rehab to shoo away the drama (just the drugs & alcohol) sounds like her latest boyfriend riley giles might be a two-timer (along with not being very cute at all) some gal is claiming ms. lohan stole her ‘fiance’ – i’m way curious to see what lindsay has up her ‘lilo’ sleeve (or possibly up her nose) in the next few months! (the magazine also has a section devoted entirely to ‘celebrity flaws’ with stylists ‘telling all’ – an example of the most enjoyable type of tabloid article to read!) popbytes over & out for now…xxoo!

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