pj harvey does los angeles in style!

good evening! so last night i was so lucky to attend pj harvey‘s (join her on myspace) only show here in los angeles – in fact it was only one of two shows she had planned for the states to showcase her new haunting album white chalk (she played NYC last week) i’ve been a fan of ms. harvey’s for over ten years now – i originally discovered her through a friend who convinced me that i needed to listen to her album to bring you my love – i was instantly sold upon first listen on the british girl who could be kicking it one minute – howling the next – then possibly reducing to a sexy whisper or growl – her ‘take no prisoners’ rock element was always there – that’s probably why her latest 8th studio album actually threw me for a total loop! it’s stripped down – bare – quiet & intimate – it wasn’t what i was expecting at all but after last night’s show and a number of listens today – i’m very impressed and quite like her latest outing – it just takes a little getting into!

she played completely solo – no backup band – employing a myriad of instruments including electric & acoustic guitar, piano, a cymbal, a harmonica, a mini-harp, plus she had drum loops! she was dressed in this white victorian style dress – which seemed straight of of wuthering heights (the same one on the cover of her latest album – probably not the most comfortable thing to wear while rocking out) lyrics to her songs were scrawled all over it which she joked about – through the evening she came across as confident, friendly but shy & timid as well – she ran through a bunch of new & old material playing about an hour and thirty minutes – her voice was stunning – and the vintage feel of the orpheum theater (built back in the 1920s) helped add to the overall classy – and a drop creepy feel – but creepy in a very good way – if that makes any sense at all!

pj reminded me of a lonely (but not sad) semi-mad scientist cooking up musical spells & potions on stage decorated with various odd knick-knacks (which would make the perfect diorama) yes she’s a little kooky but gosh what a talent – i could go on & on about her! at age 37 – she’s still in her prime – i know we’ll be hearing much more from ms. polly jean! many thanks go out to popbytes’ pals sam & penny for helping me secure an amazing seat to witness pj harvey‘s sheer musical brilliance in person! (special shout outs to euan & angel as well) below i’ve posted two pictures from the show – a video of her ‘down by the water’ performance – as well as a live performance of ‘white chalk’ from last month – an incredible track from her latest album! i’ve been loving going to all these shows recently and this friday i’ll be attending the ultimate guilty pleasure show…marc anthony & jennifer lopez – i’m so stoked! popbytes over & out for tonight…xxoo! (oh my gosh i almost forgot – when i left the venue i purchased this awesome hand silk screened poster made by ‘vox pop press’ commemorating the night for $10 bucks – which i’m so getting framed!)

PS you must read ann powers’ review in the los angeles times!

setlist –

to bring you my love

send his love to me

when under ether

the devil

white chalk



my beautiful leah

nina in ecstasy

electric light



big exit

down by the water

grow grow grow

the mountain


encore –

rid of me


the piano

the desperate kingdom of love

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