nip/tuck still rules & etc.

hey kids! whats up? oh its fucking wednesday! where to begin? i will attempt to do my short list…

big brother 5 – diane fucked it all up – when she let jase win ‘power of veto’ and of course that asshole took himself off the block – and she then put up marvin – i say to insure scott leaving as they all seem to want – put drew up on the block – who could vote out the second cutest guy (sorry will is still mine) – so lets hope that scott goes – and those twins will join the house – but lets pray that someone cool gets the ‘head of household’

nip/tuck – still the best fucking show on tv – i live for this show! and if one gal could turn a boy straight – its famke janseen – she is gorgeous – really – hey i think i need a life coach! and now son matt nows that dr. christian is his pop – but his ‘dad’ dr sean still doesnt have a clue – looks like he may next week – joely richardson is fucking amazing on this show – love her – me and lady lora are about to combuste over dr. troy – i so want to make t-shirts – ‘what would dr troy do?’ – i love this show – and it will be a lonely time until i can see it again!!! mom – u gotta catch this show!! its scandalous!!!

next action star so last week sean and corrine won (dont mind me no one saw this show but me) – and they were supposed to star in a real film – well lo & behold that film is done – and airs tonight at 8pm – and also stars billy zane – oh hes hot – but he must be really hard up – but they are touting this as a joel silver pic – like thats supposed to make us tune in? oh whatever

simple life 2 ends tonight! with an hour long slot on fox – im so going to miss my weekly paris fixes – i cant even get into the bruises – who cares – anyways – i love these gals – love the show – and both are coming out with music albums – oh lordy – paris singing – oh what a hoot – but first we should see her in the remake of the classic vincent price flick – ‘house of wax’ – and i hear that in the fall some ‘simple life 2’ lost episodes could surface – stay tuned!
sharing the love oh i love my new blog friend trent (aka pink is the new blog – i was able to share the new ashlee simpson cd with him – and now hes hooked – the album is ok – but i swear that single ‘pieces of me’ just rocks – oh the pieces of popbytes – much love to all – and be sure to catch the amish tonight on upn! popbytes out!

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