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new feature – i think on fridays i will do a small column called ‘pop bits’ this will be a short
selection to some fun stuff – so lets see how it goes!

rick james – died at age 56 – the ‘superfreak’ – one time the father of funk – is now gone –
we know he lived twice as hard as all of us – so im sure he’s smiling down…

target – they are no longer carrying the ‘red string’ – i guess its too hot to handle…popbytes did get to see guy ritchie give a talk at the centre on robinson – it was good – hes cute – and i think the concepts are great – but this is all a drop outta control

bill clinton will not appear on ‘saturday night live’ as thought – but will appear on ‘the
daily show’ with jon stewart on monday

big brother 5spoiler ahead – i love this show – and since nicomas (aka jennifer won HOH) –
and now look at this plan (which did go down – hope it plays out in their favor) – ‘she nominates –
Diane and Marvin – The plan is to win veto – save one of them and put Jase on the block so he cannot
have the chance to safe himself…No one will pick him to play the veto comp for them’ – this is the
best show on tv besides my beloved nip/tuck – get into it if yr not!!!

popbytes celeb sighting – so im smoking on orange and hollywood blvd (yes popbytes smokes –
shame on me) – and guess who i see coming up the block – matthew perry – yes – the chandler
of friends was coming up the block – (perhaps from the in & out burger on sunset?) – he was with a
completely unrecognizable lady – shorter than he – looked like short hair tucked under a beret style
hat – with sunglasses on – he looked cute but very ordinary – and as he strolled up to the swarm of
those tourists up on the blvd – no one seemed to regcognize him – and then i talk to my mom who had
been to the city (ny) to catch a show with her gal pal debbie – so they saw ’42nd street’ (with a
legend – ms. shirley jones) – but after got to see hugh jackman outside ‘the boy from oz’ signing
autos for fans – and my mom confirmed – he is really cute in person! i bet! and lady lora recently
spotted nick stahl (of ‘in the bedroom’ and terminator 3′) hes a cutie too! ok this was more a bit
than a byte!

and trent of pink is the new blog has gone on a small vacation/hiatus – im sure much deserved – and
he told his peeps to come check out popbytes – so bless his little pop soul – its so much fun to
connect with people that care about the same shit i do – and i really enjoy his site – and you
should too – so go on and visit trent (dude we need to AIM when yr back!) – and i will catch u up on
the latest tunes! i need that paris track! {trent.blogspot.com}

ok popbytes out much love and safety to all –

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