norway’s alex rybak wins eurovision 2009!

hey hey! last night before i went to bed there was a story on nightline (required viewing – they always feature interesting stories) about the infamous annual eurovision competition (in existence since 1956 – abba won in 1974) i was totally bummed i wouldn’t be able to watch the over-the-top and somewhat tacky festivities – but when i woke up this morning i hopped right onto twitter and thanks to a few of my pals i quickly found some links to watch the big finale online (which was airing live from moscow, russia) 25 countries competed in the finals (cut down from 42) i only caught the last five performances but before voting began (people only had 15 minutes to vote) they recapped each country’s performance – i really enjoyed germany (who had special guest – ms. flawless aka dita von teese) and ukraine but in the end it was 23-year old alex rybak from norway who won the 54th eurovision song contest (he was born in belarus and moved to norway when he was four) and also set a record – winning by the largest amount of points (387) in the history of the competition! (iceland took 2nd place and azerbaijan came in 3rd) i really couldn’t figure out why everyone was so crazy about norway (watch him sing his song fairytale below) apparently mr. rybak is quite popular over there – my pal ruairidh referred to him as the nordish zac efron – he’s not bad looking but not really my type (mr. efron is way cuter) now that he’s won – the 2010 competition will take place in oslo – next year i’m planning to watch all three nights! popbytes over & out for now … xoxo

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