Not Cute: Amy Winehouse smokin’ crack!

oh man – my amy winehouse is up to no good again – it just kills me to see her make a mess of herself when she has the world at her fingertips – i swear her album back to black (her blonde hair needs to go back to black…) is quite possibly the best album to come out in the past decade (ok maybe i’m being way over dramatic – but seriously it’s that good!) the UK paper the sun got hold of some recent video footage (shot early in morning on jna 18th) of ms. winehouse partying down hardcore (and oblivious to somebody’s camera) in her east london home with a crack pipe plus apparently she was sniffing powdered ecstasy & cocaine – and then popped six valium pills to calm down – what a rollercoaster ride! (plus you know she also probably smoked tons of cigarettes – and was probably downing everything with a stiff drink!) if anybody is going to end up dead – it’s going to be amy – knock on wood!

don’t get me wrong i’m all for getting my party on (oh i’ve had my share of good times) but this is taking things way too far – it’s beyond obvious the girl really needs help before she’s found in a puddle of her own blood & vomit! who knows what will happen at the upcoming grammy awards on feb 10th – i’m hoping she’ll make a triumphant comeback performance but by the looks of the pictures below (you can see a picture of amy & jailed hubby blake fielder-civil in the background) along with the harrowing tale of her recent fucked up drug binge – i highly doubt she’ll even be there – i don’t know what else to say about the sad situation – i can just pray and hope for the best – i can’t even imagine writing a post about her dying – i would be beside myself :( popbytes over & out for tonight…xxoo


someone has to turn her around, otherwise a great talent will disappear forever very soon – a friend of amy’s

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