Obama still wants nothing to do with Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian

Like most of America (actually, most of the world) President Barack Obama doesn’t want to be associated with Kim Kardashian, especially since she’s apparently political poison. Of course, this didn’t stop Kim from trying to get chummy with him the president, because she’s on the cover of Vogue. That is a privilege saved exclusively for the most famous and sophisticated of women! Or, failing that, you can make your husband buy it for you. RadarOnline reports …

“Obama’s table and surrounding area was swarming with Secret Service, and security was very tight,” the source explains. “Kim’s lackey was told to go pound sand, and it was conveyed to Kim that she wouldn’t be able to meet him.” But it’s wasn’t that he didn’t feel like mingling with the A-list guests: After the President accepted the award, he stayed for dinner and Spielberg brought several friends over to meet him “for about an hour,” the source says – just not Kardashian. “Kim was let down and disappointed,” the source reveals. “She didn’t understand why she just couldn’t say hello to him. Ever since landing the Vogue cover, her ego is even more out of control. In her mind, she and Kanye are more popular than the President Obama and the First Lady!”

Yeah, sure, whatever helps you sleep at night sweetums. I mean, you’d figure by now that with all the actual celebrities who refuse to be associated or otherwise seen with her, Kim would have realized that she’s less of a celebrity and more of high-price seat filler they bring in to keep the numbers up. No, really, think about all the times Kim actually hangs around or is otherwise seen with someone with any actual prestige. Even when she does manage to string one along, they look like they’re about five seconds away from chewing through their arm to escape. But no. Kim is popular.

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