oh that kathie lee gifford

hey hey – so popbytes was feeling a bit under the weather – so i called out sick from work today – i am doing tons of vitamin C combined with hot tea – i always end up running myself ragged! so anyways that kathie lee gifford made an appearance today on martha stewart‘s daytime talk show (luckily for martha she just got picked up for another season of daytime gab) – and martha was asking her about returning for a visit to live w/ regis & kelly her old stomping ground – it went something like this:

Kathie Lee: With Regis? That ain’t gonna happen. No, no,no I have never been back to the show.

Martha: Oh, I thought you had been back.

Kathie Lee: No, no no, I would love to. All it would take is an invitation. I would be delighted to go back, but that’s gonna happen when hell freezes over.

so since hell did recently freeze over when oprah made an appearance on david letterman – perhaps another deep freeze is in store to reunite regis & kathie lee – i didn’t think there was that much bad blood between them (maybe it’s kelly ripa‘s own insecurities) – and yeah people have been way down on kathie lee for years but it’s time to move on people – she really is not a bad person – i especially took to her when a few years back she hosted letterman’s show for a few nights when he was out with that nasty case of shingles and she was very witty and did a great job of filling some very big shoes! so note to regis & kelly – send the lady an invitation! ok i’m over & out for now – i may try to muster up something else later…xxoo

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