Oh whatever, LeAnn Rimes

Oh look, LeAnn Rimes is talking to Shape Magazine about how she cheated on her husband with a married man and before you ask, yes; she does make it sound like she is some sort of hero battling a corrupt society. You see, this is why I love some of these magazines: You can pretty much plow through the wall of a preschool in your car and shoot a bunny in front of the kids, and they’ll still kiss your ass if it means an exclusive interview with you. Take notes, Lindsay Lohan.

“I understand why people are disappointed in me, especially since I grew up as America’s sweetheart,” the country singer, 28, tells the October issue of Shape, on newsstands Sept. 20. “I think any relationship is hard to get out of, and I don’t think the way I did it was right.” […] “After going through this,” says Rimes, who finalized her divorce in December and has since moved in with Cibrian, “I know I can face anything.” SOURCE

Oh fuck off, LeAnn Rimes. You can face anything? Well sure you can, you’re a cheating, man-stealing rich bitch. If that doesn’t scream “I can do anything I want and FUCK ALL OF YOU!” I don’t know what does. Hell, I wouldn’t be too surprised if today’s agenda called for sending naked pictures of Eddie Cibrian to his ex-wife Brandi Glanville with a note saying “I’m fucking this and you’re not. Ha ha!”

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