Karissa Shannon really wants you to see her screw!

Now that the Speidi sex tape has officially been classified as ‘fake’ and ‘impossible’, Karissa Shannon is doin’ it the old fashion way: by ‘accidentally’ leaking her own sex tape to Vivid Video. And by ‘accidentally’, we mean she pretty much walked into the building and had a meeting with them on camera. I’m sure I would totally care about if I were straight, but since my gay card is still valid until 2015 (you have to renew it every ten years, go figure) I couldn’t give two shits.

Karissa Shannon and actor Sam Jones III — her boyfriend/sex tape partner — were spotted outside of Vivid’s office in L.A. yesterday afternoon … where Sam confirmed they just had a meeting with Vivid boss Steve Hirsch. As for what the meeting was about — Sam told our cameraman they were “exploring all of our options” … then quickly covered his bases by saying, “Especially our legal options.” SOURCE

Your legal options? Please. The bitch is probably redoing her kitchen right now and just needs to know if she’ll be making enough money off this thing to afford the tiling she really wants. “$40,000? I don’t know, I kinda had my heart set on The Rustic Dream floor pattern. Tell you what: knock it up to $50,000 and I’ll throw in this video of me shooting ping-pong balls out of my vagina.”

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