Old Navy is going after Kim Kardashian’s reputation

Kim Kardashian and Melissa Molinaro

In related news, Kim Kardashian has a reputation. Who knew? Anyway, as you might remember, Kim is currently in the middle of a lawsuit with retailer Old Navy after they cast a Kim lookalike in one of their commercials. Kim’s pissed because how dare other people look like her while doing all the things she can’t, like singing and acting and not looking like a constipated cat? Anyway, Old Navy is firing back, claiming that Kim is such an awful human being that she’s libel-proof, and that no one could possibly mistake Kim for Melissa Molinaro in the ad because she actually has talent. Via The Hollywood Reporter:

Facing a lawsuit that a Kardashian look-alike was illicitly used in an Old Navy commercial, parent company The Gap has initiated an investigation to see whether Kardashian’s reputation has been tarnished. Among the questions being asked is why the clothing retailer Bebe decided to drop its Kardashian clothing line and Kardashian’s motives for bringing this multi-million dollar lawsuit.

Among the documents sought by Petrich are financial records that show how much Bebe and Sears earned by making deals with Kardashian and why Bebe dropped Kardashian. The clothing retailer ditched the reality star about the same time that The New York Times published a particularly scathing review that described Kardashian’s Manhattan pop-up store as a “fashion desert.”

The moves could be in anticipation of making an argument similar to those in defamation cases where a defendant asserts the plaintiff is “libel-proof,” with a reputation so stained that no injury could cause true damage. Or maybe The Gap aims to show that Kardashian is no Molinaro, best known up until now for her appearance on MTV’s Making The Band 3, and that Kardashian could never sing and dance like her doppelgänger.

Wait a minute … you’re telling me that someone, a billion-dollar company no less, is going to court to go on the record about how Kim is an untalented famewhore who torpedoed her own reputation by being a soulless opportunist? My gosh, I never thought I’d see this day come … it’s beautiful. So, so beautiful.

Kim Kardashian and Melissa Molinaro

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