oscar round-up + etc.

oh kids i made it – i had a bit of a hangover this morning – but i made it! phew! oh it was a wild weekend of oscar! this morning i thought i spotted oprah winfrey in the same spot i saw starr jones – but it wasn’t her – must have been the morning ‘haze’ – she was in town for the oscars and did a show from the kodak theater this morning – i just caught it on tivo – twas ok – i still would so love to go to her regular show in chicago – that would be the popbytes meow! and a dream come true!

i loved charlize theron – she looked great – and probably my pick for best dressed – although i just adored cate blanchett – so classy & elegant plus a sheer knock-out – i love her – i felt bad virginia madsen didn’t win – but i was happy that cate took home the gold – i think chris rock knocked it out of the park – i love him to begin with – and i thought he walked a good line last night – congrats to him! and at this point i’m a little sick of the oscars – i admit it – and so i’m going to stop here – of course if anything juicey pops up i will let you know – but let’s just say enough is enough and move on! here is to a great oscar 2005 – and here is to lookin’ towards 2006!

so moving right along – i’m excited for american idol tonight where the 10 guy finalists perform – and then tomorrow the remaining 10 girl finalists will perform – and of course wednesday we say goodbye to 4 more!

tomorrow night is also the premiere of the amazing race 7 – where teams of two race around the world – in what i consider to be still one of the best reality shows around today – and for the first time ever – there is a ‘mother & son’ team – im rooting for them already! and be sure to stay tuned to popbytes – i landed another columnist to cover the amazing race 7 right here on popbytes – jon is his name – and he runs a blog over at solidly spontaneous – and i thought his writing is witty and clever enough – so i figured i would give him a chance – i don’t think he will disappoint – look for his premiere column this week! popbytes out for now!

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