Paris and Lindsay are BFFs again?

Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton

Remember how last week, Paris Hilton made a crack about Lindsay Lohan‘s love of stealing jewelry on her terrible reality show? And then Lindsay got whatever slutty undergarments she’s currently wearing in a twist? Well, the feud is off! Paris apologized to Lindsay or some shit, and now the two of them are best frenemies forever, or at least until one of them makes a catty comment about the other and they start trying to tear each other’s jugular veins out.

Hilty issued a public apology last week to Lilo, and a source close to the situation tells exclusively, “Paris felt terrible about what she said about Lindsay. She meant it as a harmless joke. Paris conveyed to Lindsay that she was genuinely sorry, and she didn’t mean to hurt her in any way. “Lindsay was very receptive to Paris’ apology. Lindsay felt that Paris was truly being genuine and sincere. The girls have known each other a long time. Lindsay wants to have lunch with Paris and hang out with her,” the insider tells us. “All is good now between the girls.” SOURCE

All right, now let’s take a look at all the ways this is a total crock of shit. First, Paris Hilton is incapable of feeling sorry, or feeling any sort of genuine emotion that isn’t about herself. Number two, Paris Hilton cannot be sincere. She tried one time and sprained the part of her brain responsible for not being a selfish bitch. Third, Paris and Lindsay don’t eat lunch. HA! Eating. You’re kidding me right? Lindsay once swallowed a slice of lemon used to garnish one of her drinks, but that’s about it.

Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton

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