Paris Hilton has a new dick!

Paris Hilton and Todd Phillips

Now that Paris Hilton is no longer banging Cy Waits, she’s decided to take the syph train to a new station, so now she’s banging The Hangover director Todd Phillips, which officially makes The Hangover 2 only the second worst thing he’s ever done.

The unlikely pair began showing up together almost immediately after Paris confirmed she’d split from longtime boyfriend Cy Waits. She was caught kissing The Hangover producer/director at a nightclub on Thursday, and Sunday the new pair was out for lunch in Malibu. SOURCE

Once again, how? How does this happen? How can someone look at Paris and think “Yes, this is a well-adjusted and good-mannered person with whom I can bang and spend the rest of my life with”? Oh, wait, that’s right: She’s fucking rich. I forgot about how easy it is to overlook how awful someone is when they’re fucking loaded.

Paris Hilton and Todd Phillips

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