Chelsea Handler fired half her staff!

Chelsea Handler

… You know what? Just assume everyone was fired over the weekend. Happy Independence day! You no longer have a job. Anyway, I’m assuming after someone actually sat down and watched the absolutely terrible trailer for Chelsea Handler‘s new show, Are You There Vodka? It’s Me, Chelsea, they decided that the show sucked so Chelsea axed half her staff while she blamed it on “creative reasons”.

Producers for Are You There, Vodka? It’s Me, Chelsea, the semi-autobiographical NBC sitcom based on Chelsea Handler’s book of the same name, have fired White Collar alum Natalie Morales, former ER actress Angel Laketa Moore, and — ouch — Chelsea Lately staple Jo Koy. A Vodka rep said the trio was axed “for creative reasons.” That 70’s Show alum Laura Prepon is staying put as the star (yay), a young Chelsea Handler, but it’s a rocky start for the series, which is slated to premiere mid-season and has already released a trailer with the now-cut cast-members in it. In any case, we’re sure Handler will make some obnoxious irreverent comment about the changes soon. SOURCE

So if I understand how Hollywood works, I’m guessing someone figured the show was a dud and made her cut the budget which is why she had to cut half the staff. Except oh wait, Michael Bay still can’t tell the difference between volume and tension and obnoxiousness and humor, so that can’t be it … well, maybe Chelsea is just a total douche? Yeah, that sounds right.

Chelsea Handler

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