Chord Overstreet is out of ‘Glee’!

Chord Overstreet

UPDATE! Chord Overstreet might be returning to Glee after all!

In a bit of bad news that I’m sure devastated lovers of blond trouty mouths, Chord Overstreet has more or less been given das boot from Glee after he was denied a starring role on the show. The sorta good news is that he might come back to guest here and there, but the bad news is that it’s about as likely as Mr. Schue actually teaching Spanish or Rachel not being an insufferable bitch.

It looks like Sam Evans will be a transfer student once again — this time, away from McKinley High. Chord Overstreet, who played the football playing New Directions member in the second season of Glee, has had his series regular option declined by creator Ryan Murphy and staff, TV Line reports. An integral part of the season, he featured in an is-or-isn’t-he gay storyline before — unsuccessfully — offering cheerleader Quinn a promise ring. There is a chance that Overstreet could return in guest appearances. SOURCE

Sad as I am to see him go, admittedly, they kinda ran out of steam for him after he dumped Quinn. Seriously, he had all of one story line in the second half of the season involving his family losing their house, which was immediately forgotten once the episode ended so that we could focus on Rachel and Finn being a terrible couple. I was kind of excited to see what they did with him and Mercedes but once again, they figured they could better use that time to give Rachel more solos.

Chord Overstreet

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