Paris Hilton is *really* desperate now!

After realizing that her career was basically over and that she needed a new one, Paris Hilton decided to yank one up the only way she knew how: sex tape! At least, that’s the only explanation I have as to why rumors are going around about her ex, Doug Reinhardt, shopping around a sex tape of the two of them.

There’s a story circulating that Paris and Doug shot the squeakquel to One Night In Paris. But Doug says, no way. His rep, Amanda Ruisi, tells TMZ, “Doug says a sex tape with Paris and him doesn’t exist and never existed.” The downside for Doug … we’re told Rick Salomon made $10 million the first year after his epic sex tape with Paris was released. SOURCE

Well, it launched her career the first time around, who’s to say you can’t return to that same well over & over again? I mean, sure her well is dry and used up and kinda itchy and has a weird rash on it, but clearly, as long as people are willing to stare slack-jawed at celeb ‘wells’ (How far into the ground can I beat this metaphor?) I guess she can keep on using it!

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