oh american idol – american idol – where to start – its been an emotional rollercoaster for all of us – living with this whole american idol thing – i have watched since the beginning of this season – not missing a beat – i feel involved and im concerned!! ok let me try to organize my thoughts in some sort of concise understandable way – i figure to do a general overview – and then go down the line – i mean theres only six at the point! why not cover em all!

general – dudes – i LOVE gloria estefan – seriously (to prove it i just put on my hot dance megamix of gloria – im grooving to this post) – this in no way is a put down of gloria at all – but i dont know if her amazing music was quite the right mix with AI this season – i said two things before this show began – let me tell you them –

1 – i said SOMEONE must sing that song that awesome song when gloria first emerged from her accident scenario – COMING OUT OF THE DARK – this would have been perfect for fantasia to nail on the head – its a great song – and one of gloria’s best – and quite inspiring seeing that she almost never walked again – ok so this was number 1

2 – i said NO ONE must sing turn the beat around – altho i cant say i hate this song – but i think i must have heard it a million times in my lifetime – here and there – and quite honestly at this point i do hate the song – sorry folks – this was number 2

ok so number 1 – no one sings that song – and number 2 someone does sing that song – so it was an ill-fated night for me all in all – im sticking by the movie night was THE BEST night ever – and quentin bless his crazy heart was fun – and real! it was the best!

ok lets run down the list in order of performance –

1 – fantasia – i love this gal but this was NOT the song to showcase her talents!

2 – george – great voice – great song – but so not george – he looked like a fool singing this

3 – latoya – i liked her – i like the song – she looked great – still wasnt a great showcase song – but i think the best of the night

4 – john aka red – death threats aside – its time for him to go – music of the heart – music of my ass

5 – jasmine – i think she took the biggest chance tonight and opted for a gloria ballad rather than a ‘fun’ song – it was OK

6 – diana – this is what i said 5 times in a row when she started “shes gonna sing the song i wanted no one to sing” 5x times – i was in a daze – she was ok – but she looked like fucking eggplant – sorry diana – and simon when you take her shopping find her a hot dress – and remember – she is only 16!

ok no more – we voted her like mad for latoya and fantasia – to insure that these gals are not in the bottom two!!!

ps and paula bless her soul did say shimmy – its a great word – try saying it with some flair – say it on a glass a wine – everyone needs to shimmy every once in a while – and carrie you know what i mean!

pss judging amy is NOT a repeat tonight – i should mention this show more than i do – but I LOVE THIS show – dudes – tyne daly – ms. amy brennerman is a true talent – and super hot!

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