the emotional rollercoaster took an unexpected turn – today at work everyone was so droll on idol – it was just boring – no one dared speak bad about gloria – dont worry i would have bitch slapped em – me and chrystal so agreed there is no one that just blows us away – at the moment – when spouting on last night to anyone who would listen – i just kept saying it was like oil and water last night – and then my good friend east coast lady lisa informed me next week is big band theme – my jaw dropped – this could be another weird week but was something john maybe could have been nailed – hopefully there is a healthy catalogue of songs the remaining five can choose from –

lets get to the heart of tonight tho – our boy john stevens – now when i tried to conjure up for what i would post tonight – this is way off where i thought i may land – but i was actually shook up by the departure of red -yes his voice was terrible – but at 16 – he handled himself gracefully – especially considering all the recent pressure – and he just had a sweetness about him – can you all believe that 28 million votes were cast last night – dudes lets have bush and kerry on a show like this – the ultimate reality show – america picks president – that would be insanely wild – but at least people would get into it! i could give a shit about politics but my little fingers were dialing AI like a little whore – over 50 times (i get free nights and weekends from sprint no worries there!) – i so think we are all a little fucked in the head – but shit this is america!

wait im so digressing – i shed some tears as my friend lisa did – i was moved by how moved i was (am i insane or what?) when john stevens had to go – i would have almost rather seen george huff go – sorry! – im glad the 4 gals are in the top four – lets see what happens next week – its a wild ride – and now with fox going all big and dropping their fall season in june- im stoked – i cant wait – did you see a glimpse of the upcoming the jury – what the fuck is that all about – i cant wait! much love to all – this month way surpasses last month in terms of traffic – its only been since sept – and im just getting warmed up! peace out y’all!


and also you all so know i love tv – just FYI – you can also reach popbytes by going to www.tvhipster.com – its a good domain name – dont ya think???

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