Checkin’ in on Paula Abdul …

Paula Abdul

Yup, bitch is still crazy. Apparently Paula Abdul crawled out of the Xanax bottle she’s been living in since she got fired from American Idol to make a phone call to the police because she was trying to get out of an unidentified loved one’s car. On Valentine’s Day. Seriously.

“Yes, I’m on the 101 Freeway … and I want out of this car and he won’t let me,” Paula can be heard saying on the call obtained by Access Hollywood, as she explains that she’s in Santa Barbara, Calif. “Are you gonna drop me off? Are you gonna drop me off ‘cause I have emergency on the phone?… he’s dropping me off,” the Live To Dance host is heard telling the 911 operator moments later. A rep for Abdul told Access, “Arguments with loved ones are often times heated. After the call was made everything was worked out.”

Oh Paula, you so cuh-ray-zay! I think we can all agree that Paula’s departure from Idol was the moment shit went downhill, am I right? Was there honestly anything more entertaining than watching her try to mumble out a half-hearted compliment while clearly on massive amounts of prescription drugs? Now the closest thing we have to the drugged-out crazy lady is Steven Tyler. And that is total bullshit.

Paula Abdul

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