please no david gest & da brat!

oh my word! say it ain’t so – PLEASE – someone tell me they are just friends – this is so skeevy – i actually adore da brat and her album ‘unrestricted’ is one of my favorite female rap albums of all time plus i also really enjoyed her ‘i ain’t taking no shit’ attitude when she appeared as a houseguest on ‘the surreal life’ – so when i ran across these pictures – i literally almost passed out!

look at her sucking face below with super odd/creepy & ugly man david gest also known as the man who dared marry our dear liza and then had the nerve to claim she beat on him – he is such a weirdo and a big ol’ sissy boy (da brat could totally kick his ass) i really don’t know what da brat would want from him – but look at the pics below – you just don’t kiss a friend like that!

so if anyone knows da brat – please tell the lady to step away from the whole gest factor – and go work on another album – she is one of the fastest lady rappers around – just take a listen below to one of her super hot tracks – what chu like – anyways i hope everyone is enjoying the weekend! popbytes over & out for now…xxoo!

» listen to da brat’s what chu like (with tyrese) (.mp3 4.7mb)

Strange couple alert!!! – Liza Minelli’s ex, David Guest, nuzzles up to new girlfriend Da Brat. The 90’s rap star and “Simple Life” reality show castmember seems to have found a new man, as the two hit the town late Thursday night. January 26, 2006. PHOTO SOURCE – JJB

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