u must go see ‘rock of ages’

damn! i am so glad the weekend is here – i have been in non-stop go mode
since monday – plus i still have a lot of crap to finish this weekend – oi vey! at least it’s saturday tomorrow! so yeah last night i went to see
the first performance of a brand spankin’ new musical rock of ages – it’s
playing for four weekends only at the vanguard theater here in

first off the venue totally rocked! a totally unassuming
building from the outside yet it was like one of the coolest places i
have seen in LA! before the house was open you could have drinks at an
outside bar – chock full o’ foliage and heating lamps – very key since
it does get a bit chilly at night here in los angeles – but heck it’s january – i’m wearing a tee-shirt and a light jacket…so i can’t
complain…anyways i am digressing – i met up with tabloid whore who
was excellent company and we both really enjoyed ourselves! she rocks!

so once the house opened we grabbed some decent seats – the stage jutted
out into the middle of the audience – a huge bar was behind the seating
– i was simply amazed at the high ceilings, the acoustics, plus the kick-ass lighting…you would never know it was like this from the outside! the show began and i was enthralled & rockin’ from beginning to end…

the show features all 80’s music – whitesnake, reo speedwagon, guns n’
, europe, poison, journey, pat benetar – and many more! it had a loose storyline that tied all the songs together in yr basic girl comes
to hollywood & falls in love but then becomes a stripper and drama ensues…i won’t
give too much here away – i was just blown away by the very large cast –
it must number near 40 people – the energy was so fucking high – the singing was superb – the dancing hot – the audience so enjoyed themselves with many lighters up in the air…you just gotta love the 80’s!

i really think this show has some major potential to
go way above & beyond its world premiere here in hollywood! the cast was so excellent and included people like kyle gass (tenacious d), chris hardwick (guys like us, singled out), tom lenk (buffy) and my dear willam belli who made it all possible for popbytes to come see the show – so thanks again willam – and do check out his blog over at itaintwilliam.blogspot.com – so go on & rock with your big cock or tits out and go see rock of ages – buy tickets online or call (800) 595-4TIX – popbytes so damn over & out for tonight – i will check you all tomorrow! xxoo

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