popbytes says idol 2005 sucks!

happy st patrick’s day!! kiss me – i’m a little irish!

oh kids – i have to say it – i’m just not as into american idol as i was last year – it is so damn lackluster – it’s boring – there are two sure fire signs that it isn’t so hot this year…

1 – when i went to work the other morning after the big snore fest of 60’s songs by the 12 idols – we didn’t talk amongst ourselves until almost lunch time! – and it was like what the fuck happened? last year i would be racing to work to dish the latest idol gossip – everyone is like so over it…i think nadia turner should have sang – aquarius – that would have been amazing…

2 – last night when the elimination show was on – i forgot! and didn’t tune in until almost 9:23 – where i caught the showdown between lindsey cardinale and mikalah gordon (who is a personal fave – just don’t ask popbytes why – i think she makes a great drag queen if you know what i mean – she would be great for some cabaret!)…so all said and done – when popbytes is forgetting idol is on – then you know something is wrong!

of course i will continue to watch – but fox should take note – once, twice, third time was the charm (fantasia kicks all ass!) – so keep that in mind as you of course plan for idol next year – you all so know it’s coming…hopefully this fourth season will pick up but with last years synergy with the ryan seacrest show – and all that talent i think last year was better for sure – this was ‘supposed’ to be the best idol yet – and methinks & knows it is the worst one yet…ok thanks for letting me get that rant out!! popbytes out for now – but check out my picks for my top four below…of course i can’t help myself! :) and me & my mom still think hottie ryan seacrest is the cat’s meow – MEOW!

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