those gastineau girls!

oh those gastineau girls – who knew they could be such fun!?! it’s the tale of an ex-wife (lisa) of a football legend – mark gastineau – and their daughter – brittny (neat spelling huh?) – mom lisa and daughter brittny paint the town red up and down (and back again) – wild these girls are! but they seem to have good hearts and their antics are all in the spirit of good vibes – i kept seeing small clips of this show here & there – and i kept saying ‘who the hell are they?’ – but now that i have discovered their show over on E! – i’m glued – popbytes needs another ‘reality’ show like he needs a hole in his head – but i just can’t help myself (don’t you love how i jump to first person to third person viewpoint! i do!) – i’m hooked – and a new episode airs tonight – but i’m oh so sure they will repeat…popbytes out for now…but one more thought – if we could get victoria gotti and lisa gastineau together for some special night of reality – i would love that – and just btw – victoria clocks in at age 39 43 (correction – thanks eb) – and lisa 46…

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