Real Housewives of Atlanta: The season finale!

Real Housewives of Atlanta

For every beginning there is an ending, and we just reached the end of season three of Bravo TV’s highest rated show, The Real Housewives of Atlanta (yes, it even places higher than Flipping Out or Top Chef), and frankly it leaves me wanting more. This season was a roller coaster ride filled with more cat fights than a brothel as we followed what could be more amply titled the Nene Leakes Show. Week by week this season, Nene slowly wedged her way into any conflicts possible, especially against cast mate Kim Zolciak, who continues her surprisingly not-dead-yet music career. The ex on and off again BFF’s culminate their relationship this season (for supposedly the last time) in a cold stand off after a girls weekend in Florida where Nene shows her true southern charm with the aid of gal pal Diane. Central to the finale is this conflict as well as the wedding of fellow housewife Cynthia Bailey. The aforementioned self-proclaimed “supermodel” weds, finally, after a sub plot that would be welcome on General Hospital. Cynthia, you see, is marrying Peter Thomas, who has recently lost the restaurant both he and Cynthia invested heavily in. Tensions are high as funding for her dream wedding runs short, tensions which ultimately raise concerns from her mother and sister who in a twist of last minute fate attempt to ruin the wedding by hiding the marriage license. Guilt wins over and in tear filled scene (that would be right at home in a Tyler Perry film) the mother and sister relinquish the license and the wedding is saved, the episode concludes with cast updates after the ceremony that make the hour and half episode well worth waiting through to the end.