Rihanna barfed during a concert!


For something like the past three years, Rihanna has released an album and went on tour every year, which I’m guessing probably isn’t all that healthy for someone. Turns out I might be right about that, because RiRi had to duck out during a concert in Lisbon so she could puke, then rushed right back onstage for the next song. You have to hand it to her: at least she’s committed. The Huffington Post reports:

The pop star ran into some digestion complications on stage this weekend while performing at Lisbon’s Atlantico Arena, running off in the middle of her hit What’s My Name to throw up out of sight of the audience. Dancers came to the fore while she deposited her dinner, but luckily, fans weren’t deprived of their star for long. “yep! i ran off stage to throw up, halfway thru Whats My Name … made it back juuuust in time for RudeBoy” she tweeted to a fan following the show. Unfortunately, the moment of illness could potentially be a lot less funny that it may at first seem. It was reported earlier this month that the star was put on 24-hour health watch during her tour by her record label following an alleged meltdown backstage in Dublin in November. Sources also said that Mariah Carey’s personal trainer has been brought in to help Rihanna get into shape. In November, it was reported that she was considering taking a year off from work to recoup after a hectic few years. In November, Rihanna canceled shows in Sweden due to the flu.

Yikes. I’m not sure if it’s nerves or maybe just some bad fish, but the poor girl could use a break soon. I mean, I love her and all, but I don’t think traveling around the world for three years straight and putting on a high-energy show regularly is one of those sustainable business models. Anyway, all the best to her right now, and make sure to stock up on the ginger ale, because that shit is great for a tummy ache.


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