Rihanna and Chris Brown team up on remixes

Rihanna and Chris Brown

And just like that, the Chris Brown situation gets impossibly worse. It turns out, Rihanna has either forgiven Chris for beating her to near death and then not learning anything from it, or she wants to win back Chris’ pro-woman beating audience, because the two are collaborating on remixes of each others’ songs, because it’s not like Chris still shows signs of a potential abuser and the cycle of abuse won’t repeat itself again. Because that would be completely logical. TMZ reports:

It’s only been 3 years since Brown pummeled Rihanna’s face during a late night argument in L.A. … but the singer and her ex-con ex-BF have each released songs featuring the other’s voice. One is a remix of Rihanna’s song, Birthday Cake and the other is a new version of Chris Brown’s, Turn Up the Music. Both songs hit the Internet this week … and both Rihanna and Brown have been pushing the songs on Twitter.

Yay! No one learned anything, domestic abuse is being enabled and encouraged, and abuse victims everywhere are basically being told that they’re allowed to speak out against the people abusing them until it stops being convenient for others. So basically, what I’ve learned in the past week is that men view women as baby making machines they can smack around when they don’t work they way their husbands and boyfriends want them to. Thanks, awful rich people!

Birthday Cake (Remix)

Turn Up the Music (Remix)

Rihanna and Chris Brown

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