The least famous Kardashian will be ‘Dancing with the Stars’!

Rob Kardashian

Because I’m pretty sure Dancing with the Stars needs at least one talentless Kardashian per season (I know, I just realized how redundant the phrase ‘talentless Kardashian’ is), one of the fat-assed famewhores has just signed onto the show. But AHA! It’s not who you think it is! Turns out, it’s actually Rob Kardashian, who for some reason I had no idea actually existed, probably because he was hidden behind Kim’s big ass or something.

Another member of the Kardashian Klan has agreed to compete on the next season of Dancing with the Stars TMZ has learned … but it ain’t Khloé … or Kourtney … or Kris — it’s a dude! Multiple sources confirm … Rob Kardashian is officially on board — despite concerns about the Dancing schedule conflicting with Kim’s super MEGA wedding in August. We’re told the two sides addressed the issue and hammered out a plan — and Rob signed on the dotted line. SOURCE

I always wondered who the male version of Kim Kardashian would be, and I guess it only makes sense that it would be the male model of the big-assed whoredroid that Kardashian Science inc. rolled out. He’s just like the female counterpart, only he can sit down in a pool without the water displacing so fast it causes a tsunami in Europe. “La vague de salope” I believe they call it in France.

Rob Kardashian

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