Vanessa Hudgens will cut a bitch!

Vanessa Hudgens

When we last saw Vanessa Hudgens, she was swearing up and down that the white stuff in the dimebag she brought to Coachella was “white chocolate”, which I’m assuming his rich-person-pretending-to-be-a-hippie talk for “cocaine, lots and lots of cocaine”. Anyway, cut to a couple days ago when a photographer caught her sneaking a cigarette, which caused her to go absolutely apeshit.

While cruising through Hollywood with friends, High School Musical actress Vanessa Hudgens revealed she’s a smoker! The 22-year-old starlet, sporting a new short ‘do for her upcoming role in Gimme Shelter, was puffing away on a cigarette while at a stoplight at La Cienega and Santa Monica in Hollywood. Vanessa was so upset she was caught smoking that she forced her way into our photographer’s car … trying to attack him! Watch the intense video here. SOURCE

Is it just me, or is Vanessa fast becoming Lindsay Lohan? Except that while Lindsay once had a promising career and a classic movie under her belt before she started trying to make herself lactate white russians, Vanessa seems to just be jumping straight into the whole “crazy druggie who makes terrible movies” part of her career. Ya gotta pace yourself sweetie. Lindsay EARNED the right to run over babies with her car by starring in Mean Girls, okay? All I’m saying is, you’re gonna have to bring it before you can start carjacking and kidnapping while high on coke.

Vanessa Hudgens

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