Rob Kardashian thinks his show teaches you stuff!

Rob Kardashian

So remember how Michelle Obama said that she and her husband, Barack Obama, hate Keeping Up with the Kardashians and don’t want their two daughters to watch it because it’s a shit show where a bunch of no-talent, uninteresting whores yell at each other? Well, Rob Kardashian was on Ellen because why not have the least-known famewhore on the show, where he talked about how people can actually learn so much from watching his opportunistic family do absolutely nothing. Us Weekly reports:

“Obviously someone’s watching in that White House,” he laughed. “But no, to each his own. I understand he’s trying to raise his daughters a certain way and that’s fine. Everyone has an opinion. But you really learn a lot from our show,” Rob added. “There are no negative things on our show. There is always a positive message at the end of the day. But, Go Obama!”

For the sake of playing devil’s advocate, I compiled a list of things you can learn from the show, and you know what? Rob might be onto something here.

  • If you let a rapper pee on you, then sell the video of it to a porn company all while pretending that you didn’t, E! will give your entire family a reality TV show.
  • You can get married solely for the sake of a reality TV show and walk away with millions of dollars, just by pretending to be in love with someone. Hell, you can even do it twice!
  • If you end up with an unwanted pregnancy, have the baby anyway because babies are boffo ratings, and then tell the press you actually wanted to abort it.
  • Kris Jenner looks and sounds like she was kicked in the head by a horse when she was a small child, so I guess turning her family into a soulless corporation was in her best interest.

See? A learning experience for all. It’s like a modern day Reading Rainbow.

Rob Kardashian

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