Drag Race’s Alyssa Edwards is getting a spin-off show?

Alyssa Edwards





So this might be happening. Despite being one of the more (oh, how to put this …) derpy contestants on RuPaul’s Drag Race, drag queen Alyssa Edwards has become one of the break-out stars of season six, and according to the above tweet, she’s getting her own spin-off. And why wouldn’t she? She makes fantastic faces, she gives good quote, and while she can be pretty ridiculous at times, she’s simultaneously completely unaware of herself most of the time and totally on board with laughing at herself. Alyssa may have ended up in the bottom more than a few times on Drag Race, but she’s also the quintessential reality TV starlet: The lovable underdog and queen bee diva all wrapped up into one.

Alyssa Edwards

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